Who We Are

Good advisors don't just buy assets, manage them and grow your money. Lots of smart people can do that. Instead, an advisor should also be someone with the knowledge, training and (especially) experience to help you with:

  • minimizing tax
  • getting ready for, and enjoying, retirement
  • paying for your kids' education or helping with elderly parents
  • financing a house, or
  • a business venture
  • caring for a disabled person
  • building an estate or legacy
  • helping deal with the unforeseen
  • and being a trusted friend and guiding hand.

So, investing's important. We all need money. But you can't get by on that alone. Nor is money essential for happiness and fulfillment. At Turner Investments we will work with what you have to bring about the maximum returns for the least risk. And that even applies to your wealth.

At the heart of this process are some extraordinary people.

Our Team