Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to your financial life. We act as your personal Chief Financial Advisor, finding solutions to your financial challenges. Through our consultative process, we will uncover what really matters to you and structure a plan to help you achieve your goals.

With our team of experts, we will apply our combined experience to help you make informed decisions about your money, allowing you to achieve all that is important to you.

We accomplish this through our four guiding principles:

First, we believe in low and transparent fees for our clients. We do not sell mutual funds or other products that generate commissions. Clients know exactly what they pay for our services, with no hidden fees or commissions.

Second, our investment philosophy puts as much emphasis on risk as we do returns, and we do so by employing a balanced and globally diversified investment portfolio. We target a 6-7% annualized rate of return over a full business cycle. As Garth likes to say “we try to hit singles and doubles versus home runs.”

Third, we only use low-cost ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) in building out portfolios. We feel individual equities carry too much risk and mutual funds are too expensive.

Fourth, we believe good communication is the cornerstone of a successful wealth management practice. This begins with Garth’s blog http://www.greaterfool.ca which is Canada’s #1 personal financial blog. Garth, with the help of Doug and Ryan, writes a daily blog post seven days a week and has over 40,000 daily readers and over 12 million views per year. The aim of the blog posts is to educate, empower and entertain readers. We also hold a live weekly conference call on Tuesdays at 5PM ET (with the recording emailed out afterwards) where Garth, Doug and Ryan discuss market and topical events, and provide their outlook on the economy and financial markets. We also strive to provide consistent updates on the markets and our portfolios in our day-to-day communications with clients.