What Our Clients Say

"Turner Investments has consistently demonstrated excellence in every aspect in their role as my investment advisors and in their relationship with me as their client. Garth and his team deliver superior financial results and exceptional customer service. I am confident I have the best team in my corner."

Michele, Edmonton AB

"We were looking for an investment advisor who has comprehensive investment knowledge, understands our needs and knows how to get us where we want to go (growth and security). Garth and his team are blunt and clear. They presented a balanced, systematic approach. Contact is as often as we want and the speed of response by Garth and the team is great. We are very glad we made the change."

Glenn & Norene, Barrie ON

We recently moved our assets to Turner Investments because we were dissatisfied with the investment advice, returns and high MER's charged by our previous fund company. We believe Turner Investments' balanced investment strategy is prudent and we appreciate they offer a fee based, no commission service.

We have received superb service from Turner Investments. When we have a question it is answered promptly and honestly. We believe our financial future is in safe hands with them. Very impressed!

Penny & Bert, Dartmouth, NS

When the economic crisis in 2008 took place my wife and I noticed that our long term investment adviser was no longer able to manage our investments efficiently and his unwillingness to actively manage our assets made us start looking for help. Since we read from time to time Garth’s publications about investment and real estate, we found that his contrarian thinking helped us to better understand what the current situation is and what the future could look like for us.

My wife and I were extremely fortunate to be introduced to Garth and his team. As a result, our security and confidence in our financial futures has risen to a level that we didn't think was possible even a short time ago.

Dr. DM, Sudbury ON

"I’m the dude in the cowboy boots. See you at 3 in the Empress Hotel lobby," Garth said.

Great, I thought, after a year of interviewing 50-ish year old men with $80 haircuts and mild whiffs of perfume.

You explain it to my wife, I said, she’s the real boss I’m just a figurehead.

An hour later we were driving home. "I’m comfortable with Garth, he explained, taught and guided me. No icing just cake," she exclaimed!!!!

Reflecting back over the past year we’ve had quick responses to all our naïve, fearful, panic stricken questions. The advice has been spot on, to say the least, all goals have been achieved and surpassed.

Professional, honest, caring, with high moral standards has led me to call him a trusted business associate…

No wait…a trusted friend.

Now if I can get him wearing logging boots and some Stanfields…

Linda & Dan, Victoria BC

"My experience with Turner Investments has been a very positive one; the level of knowledge, professionalism and customer care are unmatched."

LS, Toronto ON

Turner Investments is a very professional Investment Advisor team and we feel fortunate to have them managing our money. We have been pleased with the performance of our portfolio in these volatile times, and feel confident its diversified nature will protect us if the world takes an unexpected turn. Garth and the team are always prompt and thoughtful in responding to our enquiries. In return for reasonable fees, we receive truly independent advice; a service that isn’t easy to find. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

GL & SP, Vancouver BC

There is a huge opportunity cost letting your savings languish, undirected, in a mess of under performing mutual funds, GICs and RRSPs. I decided I needed to have a professional advisor to rectify this mismanagement.

It was easy to choose Turner Investments. I trust them personally and I trust their advice. They realize that your nest egg is important and hard won. They respect how hard you've worked to get where you have. They understand the market and their investment model is sensible and conservative. A tax efficient, well diversified portfolio, aimed at protecting capital, while being poised to take advantage of the volatility in the market to deliver a good return relative to the market. They don't over-promise; they deliver what they say they will.

Successful in their own rights and not just good at what they do, Garth and the team are in this business because they enjoy what they do. They personify the financial goal most are trying to attain.

LS, Vancouver BC

Turner Investments is the most knowledgeable, professional, and responsive management team we have ever worked with…their client care is unmatched.

Geeta & Todd, Vancouver BC